Citylink and ebuyer

Created 14 years ago by Matt,
Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

Blog Image 1219941234_citylink.JPGI've ordered me an EEEPC from ebuyer, and stupidly didn't get it on next day service, which means it's been sat at an ebuyer warehouse somewhere before being shipped 5 days later to Ireland, which adds 2-3 days to the delivery, add to this the fact that Citylink only use one boat per week (on a Wednesday) from England to Ireland (Repuplic) probably means I won't get it until next Friday! meaning 2 weeks! I should have stumpded up the extra cash - ho hum.

However, I was interested to see that it comes with free 24/7 support for a week from delivery day, but strangely, that is also being sent by Citylink!


  1. Sorry to hear that the C(/Sh)itylink isn't up to scratch. I got annoyed when DHL takes my parcels to a delivery office in the middle of nowhere and doesn't offer a re-delivery when the vast majority of the working population (including me) are actually in. On a side note - did you know that Burtons have stores "In the Ireland"? - James on Wed Sep 03 2008 22:08:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)