Last Exam - Uni Over

Created 15 years ago by Matt,
Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

I have now officially had my last exam at uni.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon drinking with lecturers after the exam, there are some pictures in my gallery and i'm sure there will be more to come from other people!

Its all done now, 3 years of uni all finished and on to the next step - either get a job or stay on at uni for post-grad studies...

Not really sure which way to go from now, but i've already been approached by 3 recruitment agencies about interesting jobs, and I also have an interview booked for next week through one of them.

I quite fancy pursuing a more security based path - such as a computer forensics MSc or aprentice position (if there is still such things!), afterall, the subject was the reason I started this course, but as regular followers will know, the security and forensics module was cancelled in lieu of more interest in the Advanced Web Design module.

This has effectively shaped my job prospects for the future, as that module seems to have determined where I have specific skills!

Oh well, will just have to see what happens :) Results come out 12 June and I will graduate on 14 July 2006.

Hopefully we will all manage to get together before we all dissapear for one last celebration - I think theres a graduation ball on the evening of graduation which will be pretty cool!