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Created 15 years ago by Matt,
Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

Well, I'm back to Scarboria again, whether I like it or not! hehe :-)

I've had a really cool summer, and I haven't stopped for a minute! Which is good!!

I've worked like a bastard, then relaxed for a month in Thailand, then Malaysia and then briefly Singapore before heading back to good old Blighty.

I then spent an interesting month working for 2 flower shop (Buddies and The Orange Tree).

During the last month of summer I also spent a throuroughly enjoyable 2 weeks being a photographer for Hasting Old Town Festival and Carnival and managed to sell lots of photographs to people using my fancy new camera that I bought in Kuala Lumpar :)

I arrived back from Hastings by means of lift from the lovely Ladyfink who has now gone back :-( and who I wont see for at least a month.

I am looking forward to starting my final year at uni, but i'm a bit concerned about choosing my final project :s!

From now on though, the following words describe my intention and attitude: PMA, commitment, continuity, academia, cunningness, eagerness, tolerance, understanding, stamina and fun.

On the one hand, I intend fully to do my best in my final year, and get the best degree that I can get, and on the other hand, I want to have a really good final year at uni, as i'm never gonna get another chance, even if I go on to do further courses, its not going to be the same.

This is my last chance to be unresponsible.

The last chance to still be a kid. (even thought at the time of writing I am 27, but lets face it, all blokes are kids at heart!)

The only chance I may ever get to prove myself to my peers, superiors and everyone else.

Can't wait..... :-)