Koh Pha Ngan - The Pink Fink

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Sorry its been a while! Its quite expensive here!

Koh Tao: We didn't get eaten by sharks thankfully! But unfortunately we didn't see any. I think the sea was a bit too choppy for them. However we did have another amazing time snorkeling over the coral reefs :-) we hired a local taxi boat to take us around the island, and stop off at the best snorkel sites :-) Suffice to say, Laura and I both got rather pink due to the sun block wearing off in the water! hehe the others all have tans allready so weren't affected so much.

By the way, we are now a group of 6, as James' friends from uni, Neil and Ben are with us too :-)

Koh Pha Ngan: We left Koh Tao yesterday having bought tickets for the express boat to Koh Pha Ngan, we were due to leave at 10am, but thankfully we arrived early. The tickets we were sold were for the slow boat (3 hours plus) and the express boat was due to leave at 0930am, we instructed the ticket collector that we were getting the express boat whether he liked it or not, and so we managed to get on :-)

We got to the island and battled our way through the touts for taxi's and accomodation and found a songthaw driver willing to take us to Haad Yao a nice sounding beach on the east of the island. Unfortunately, we were taken to the wrong town (would you believe there are two towns with exactly the same name on opposite sides of the island). So we persuaded the songthaw captain to take us back, we ended up in Haad Rin (or Hat Rin) the rave capital of asia(?) we found a nice bungalow on the east beach overlooking the sea and the beach and the bars :-( hehe

The beach is great for swimming and we have spotted a good snorkel site. The bars are very noisy all night and I was suprised that we slept at all! What with the cacophony of booming sounds and having to, ahem, nip to the loo every few hours (if u know what i mean), not to mention the giant cockroach we found, we shouldn't have had such a good nights sleep! we'll see what happens tonight tho :-)

We'll go through all of the photo's tonight, and i'll try to get some uploaded 2moro, the problem is, they use sattelite internet connections here, and they seem to be a little slow (probably a limited upload speed?)

We will probably spend a fews days here and then head off to Koh Samui, where it is apparently beautiful, but very touristy, so we'll see how that goes :-)

After that, we're not sure, but we will hopefully head off towards the Parenthian Islands of Malaysia at some point, they are supposed to be stunning, but we'll see how we go! hehe :-)

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  1. All sounds absolutely fabulous. Keep writing - it's fascinating! - mum on Thu Jun 30 2005 20:06:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  2. I went to Koh Samui. Where abouts on the island are you going to. (you have got to see the "Big Budda" It will be just like looking in the mirror for you Matt :-)) - nick on Fri Jul 01 2005 10:52:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)