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Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

Sorry about the delay in writing, but we havent had a chance! hehe :-)

I have uploaded a couple of choice photo's, but the rest will have to go up later (when I can get a decent internet connection!!!)

We arrived the day before yesterday at 3pm having left bangkok at 6am, a really good trip!

After a nightmarish time trying to find accomodation in the rain, we managed to find a nice place, over budget but ok! (700 baht a night = about 10 quid, 300-500 baht is budget)

We went for a walk along the beach-end rocks nearby and cut ourselves to shreds, but found some really cool snorkeling spots, so went back in the afternoon having rented the eqipment :-) I have never had a better snorkelling experience, it was REALLY cool! there was so much wildlife! Laura got the hang of it fairly quickly, and having never done it before, did really well!

today, we went scuba diving, which was absolutely brilliant! it cost about 2000 baht each (30 quid) but was well worth it! I really want to try it again, and if we stop somewhere long enough, I might do a course (PADI I think its called, geffy will know hehe).

This evening, to continue my subaqua experience, (in a fasion) I decided that I was going to have tasty fish steak for dinner. A few minutes along the beach, we found a restaraunt having a barbeque, with fish steaks, the choice was: Makerel, barrecuda, red snapper or giant prawn looking thingers. the 4 foot long bareccuda was sliced up for me and a juicy steak put on the barbie :-) took ages to cook, but was well worht the wait!

Tommorrow we are going to persuade someone to take us on a boat to shark bay, where we are going to attempt to swim with sharks.... how cool is that :-)

Laura seems to be writing an epic adventure story of our experience so far whilst I have been faffing with the photo's, so you had better read her blog :-) the pics are on her gallery! As I said, not many, but I will put more up soon! :-)

Will update when I get a chance, if I don;t get eaten by shraks of course :)


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