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Today say us doing the tourist thing, and visiting the main temples, well at least 2 of them.

We visited the Grand Palace, home to the emerald budda, and after lunch with James and Natasha, we headed off to Wat Pho, were we rambled throught the rambling grounds, and finished with a Thai massage :-)

The massage was very nice! but very painful! the female masseus dug her fingers under my shoulder blades so much that I thought she would put her hands into my chest cavity! Despite the pain, the feeling afterwards was amazing, kinda light and floaty :-) very nice!!

For dinner, we all met up again, and went to a little place tucked in between the market stalls, no farang in sight, and no roman script to be seen. The only choice on the menu was noodles, but you could have it with fish, meat or tofu. I had fish, and I now know what crab sticks SHOULD taste like, and what super-noodles were designed on! with different shaped pieces of fish for different types of fish and unidentified vegetables, white noodles and a light brown liquid, it was the best pot noodle i'd ever tasted! but of course, was cooked from scratch with fresh vege's and nice meat! whilst we were there we saw enough locals enjoying the same to know that it was a good place to eat.

It's almost a pity we are leaving 2moro, as i'd like to experience some more locals's favourite eating joints :-)

We are off to Ko Tao at 0530 in the morning by tuk-tuk, coach and boat and should arrive at about 1500, all for 650 baht each which is about 10 quid (no pound sign on keyboard).

Thailand is very cheap if you know where to look and are willing to barter!

Water sports We had our first swim in the guesthouses swimming pool today, and it was VERY nice! very cooling and pleasant! however, after Laura telling me 4 times not to dunk her under pain of evil looks and ignoring me, so I did, and she did, but came round after a while! In the vain of miserableness, it rained for the first time today, and my god did it rain, almost horizontal if it werent for the buildings. But it seems to have collled the air a bit, and it was an excuse to try out a different bar that just happened to be on the same block as we were at the time, so we enjoyed a couple of beers there waiting for the rain to die down.

We are currently drinking beer at the same place as yesterday, its one of the many bars that show films whilst you eat/drink, none of which seem to have been released to the general public yet hehe :-) but we won't be staying too long, as we need a) drink more beer next door with James and Tasha and b) sort out stuff our ready for 2moro morning!

Have put some pics on the gallery but not many! have loads more to put on, so check back! hehe on that note I shall say tata :-)

Next stop Ko Tao :-)


  1. more photos m8 - dad on Fri Jun 24 2005 09:27:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  2. I agree with dad !! - mum on Fri Jun 24 2005 18:45:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  3. wow! sounds like you're having an aweomse time! <br /> <br /> As your dad said, "more photos m8"!<br /> <br /> Have fun, and be sure to blog it! :) - Ben on Fri Jun 24 2005 18:45:40 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  4. wow! sounds like you're having an aweomse time! <br /> <br /> As your dad said, "more photos m8"!<br /> <br /> Have fun, and be sure to blog it! :) - Ben on Fri Jun 24 2005 18:49:16 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)