Day 2, still bloody hot!

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Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

I've woken up since yesterday, so can now tell you what i've been up to :-)

Day 1: arrived as mentioned before, with very little sleep!

Met James and Natasha, who have been showing us around, and we ended up in Siam square having a really nice dinner at a small restaraunt, we were the only 'farang' (foreigner) in the place and it was our first propel Thai food, (having eaten a western meal for lunch).

We then went to a place that Laura would describe as heaven, seven floors of pure shopping in a massively tall building, we went to only one, but there are thirteen in the same district! that's a helluva lot of shopping.

We finished by catching a Tuk-Tuk back to Koa Sharn Road which is the main area for accomodation for backpacking types, and is near our guesthouse. Then drank plenty of beer before collapsing into sleep!

We have decided to avoid air-con, as its really difficult to get used to the heat with it, and therefore are relying on a single ceiling fan for coolness. which is OK :-)

Day 2: (today)

We both woke up feeling much better today, and met James and Tasha again. This time for a much more interesting adventure!

We jumped in a taxi, heading for some out of the way location, for Tasha to be hypnotised for her phobia of rats! This was a very strange experience! we were late turning up as the taxi took ages, but we needn't have worried, as the guy doing the 'treatment' along with his 2 cronies seemed to be practicing from a small office at the back of the house. After testing her suseptability to hypnotism, the main man had her sit in a chair, and us switch our phones off, and proceeded to hypnotise her, in front of all of us!! For about an hour we sat there listening, and eventually it was over! hopefully it will have worked!

This afternoon, we visited the national museum of Thailand, and viewed lots of 'intereting' art. not amazing, but a little interesting!

This evening we travelled by boat up the river to chinatown, and eventually found a restaraunt. very nice food, but some funny looks when we were trying to use chopsticks.

After that, we went off to Pat Pong market, and were offered lots of 'ping pong show' but respectfully declined!!

The market was good, but not really anything interesting, however laura bought some sunglasses and a hand fan! getting used to bartering, but were still ripped off a bit with sunglasses.

Currently sitting in a bar typing this with shorty next to me typing up her blog

Must get back to drinking beer now :-)

will update again soon!