The man with 5 jobs

Created 18 years ago by Matt,
Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

Dear blog,

it has been a while since my last entry, for this I apologise, for I have been in search of a worthwhile (well paid) job. Unfortunately, I return with 5 poorly paid jobs!

This i'm sure is a little bit silly!! I am now working at 2 pubs, a hotel, a florist and a motorhome sales/refurbishment centre. Quite exhausting to list, far more exhausting to control!

I may be guilty of being slightly over presenting my case, as in fact 2 of the jobs wont really affect me until I get back from Thailand, (florist/hotel) but I am working an odd shift at one before I go. The two pub jobs give me about 4-5 shifts a week, and the other job (cleaning motorhomes ready for sale) see's 3-4 full days a week until I go (2 weeks)! This collectively gives me something to do everyday! and alot of days I have 2 jobs, hehe

Crazy fool, I hear you cry! surely you can't go from student to hardworker in a mere 2 weeks! (gasp).

Yes, I cry! I can! With this new 'earn fast diet' you can achieve stress levels well beyond you're body's limits! all without death!

Thankfully, I only have to do this for 2 weeks, so I can afford my month in the realms of Thailand, which, at last, is in some meagre form of planning stage, which also means we may at least know how to get to a decent hotel from the airport, and worry about the rest later :P

Maybe with all this work, I may shed a few of those pounds built up whilst sat on my ass for the last few months, surviving on a healthly diet of Baked Beans and Lager... oh I do miss the student life in Scarboria :-)

Anyway, sweet blogelda, I bid you goodbye, for I am off to the pub to wait for the ladyfink :-)