Goodbye to galleries, stuff, test and gaping holes

Created 12 years ago by Matt,
Last updated February 27th 2018, 1:51:55 pm

When I started this website back in 2001, inspired by a friend, trading under Systar Systems, who had just started a web hosting enterprse, I really didn't have a clue what I was doing. You could say, that despite spending the best part of the last 10 years learning more about the art of 'making websites', I still don't!

The big change came when I started on the Internet Computing course at Scarborough, and was inspired to start hacking together (in the tinkering sense), something a bit more sensible. Two of housemates and friends in year 2 onwards, Tom and Geffy suggested I write (as in code up) a blog, and another one, Chris, via OpenHosting, provided the means.

I was recently clearing out the drawers as it were, and found some terrible code back hiding away in obscure locations, and a huge amount of images, which, google analytics tells me, no-one looks at (apart from a few galleries of my brother's wedding photos). I decided that all of the 'test' code should exist somewhere less visible to the world, and have cleared it all out. And it is with a little sadness that I have also decided to remove the galleries from the site, they serve no real purpose, and will be better preserved somewhere like Flickr, or PicasaWeb, or Dropbox. I haven't quite decided how to do it, but I think I will reseve Flickr for the more professional type of photos, Picasa for personal snaps, and Dropbox for private photos to share between freinds.

As I was clearing I also came across some throwbacks from earlier incarnations, which got me thinking about some of the great ideas Nick and I had come up with in the past, which through the power of the wayback machine you can re-live!:

So, what is next for the 'legendary' Well, I think that I will move the blogging aspects to my other domain, and keep the domain just for emails for family, perhaps even a mostly-private family archive.

But for now, you can still get your stabeler gibberish blogposts from here!